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eResearch User Policy
These terminals are to be used for legal research supporting litigation in New York state courts only.

All patrons must sign-up to use the on-line resources. A wailting list will be made up daily. Patrons may schedule time on the waiting list, but if they do not show up within ten minutes of their schedule start time, their slot will be assigned to another patron. Sign-ups via telephone are not permitted.

Searches are limited to one half-hour. Time may be extended only if no other patron is waiting.

The library staff suggest patrons review their search with a librarian before going on-line.

While the downloading of documents is not permitted, patrons can e-mail themselves Lexis search results.

Word processing is not available on-site.

The computer equipment shall not be used in such a manner as to compromise the security of the Library network.

Misuse will result in loss of computer privileges.

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